About Babel Beautifier

Welcome to Babel Beautifier! If you’re a JavaScript developer, you’ve probably encountered the frustration of trying to write code that works across different browsers and environments. While newer versions of JavaScript offer a lot of great features and syntax improvements, not all browsers support these features yet. That’s where Babel comes in.

Babel formatter is a tool that makes it easy to format your code and make it look clean and organized. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large, complex codebase, Babel formatter can help you ensure that your code is readable and easy to understand. Simply paste your code into the tool, and Babel formatter will automatically beautify it according to your preferred style. You can then copy the formatted code and use it in your projects.

So if you want to make your code look its best and ensure that it works across a wide range of browsers and environments, give Babel Beautifier a try!