About TypeScript Beautifier

Welcome to the TypeScript beautifier tool! This tool is designed to help you clean up and format your TypeScript code so that it is easier to read and understand. Whether you are new to TypeScript or you are an experienced developer, this tool can help you make your code more organized and presentable.

To use the TypeScript formatter tool, simply paste your TypeScript code into the input box and click the “Beautify” button. The tool will then automatically format your code according to a set of predefined rules, such as indentation, line breaks, and white space.

Once your code has been formatted, you can copy and paste it back into your editor or project. Using the TypeScript beautifier tool can help you save time and effort by making it easier to read and understand your code, and can also help you catch any syntax errors or formatting issues. Try it out now and see how much easier it is to work with your TypeScript code!