WebUtility.io is a website that offers a collection of online tools and utilities for web developers and users. These tools include a range of functions, such as formatting and minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, generating random passwords, encrypting and decrypting text, and converting between different data formats.

WebUtility.io is a useful resource for web developers and users who need quick and easy access to a variety of online tools and utilities. Its user-friendly interface and extensive range of functions make it a convenient and reliable resource for anyone working with web technologies.

If you encounter any bugs while using this tool, please report them to [email protected]. Your feedback is valuable to us in improving our product.

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Code Beautifiers

HTML Beautifier
Beautify your HTML code for readablility.
CSS Beautifier
Beautify your CSS code for readability.
JavaScript Beautifier
Beautify JavaScript code for better readability.
JSON Beautifier
Improve the Readability of your JSON Data.
GraphQL Beautifier
Improve the readability of your GraphQL
XML Beautifier
Improve the readability of your XML data.
TypeScript Beautifier
Clean up and optimize your Typescript code with our online beautifier.
SCSS Beautifier
Easily format and clean up your SCSS code with the SCSS Beautifier.
Babel Beautifier
Easily format and clean up your Babel code.
MarkDown Beautifier
Effortlessly format your Markdown documents.
YAML Beautifier
Easily format and beautify your YAML documents.

Code Minifiers

CSS Minifier
Optimize your CSS for faster loading times.
HTML Minifier
Improve website performance with HTML minification.

Editors & Extractors

JSON Editor
Code Editor
Easily edit JSON with our online JSON editor.
HTML Editor
Code Editor
Create and edit HTML code with our online HTML editor.
Instagram Post Editor
Code Editor
Enhance, Edit, and Perfect Your posts in Just a Few Clicks!.
Extract Pages from PDF
Split Pages from a PDF for free.


GUID Generator
Unique IDs Genrator
Generating Unique and Consistent IDs for Your Data.
Strong Password Generator
Password Genrator
Stay Secure Online with Random, Strong Passwords
Box Shadow CSS Genrator
CSS Genrator
Easily customize and generate box shadow CSS.
Slug Genrator
URL Genrator
Effortlessly create SEO-friendly slugs.
Dummy Data Genrator
Data Genrator
Generate realistic dummy data for testing.
AI Prompts Generator
Prompt Genrator
Generate Random AI Prompts.
ChatGPT Prompt Generator
Prompt Genrator
Free Online ChatGPT Prompt Generator.
ChatGPT Prompt Generator for Coders
Prompt Genrator
Free Online ChatGPT Prompt Generator for Coders.
ChatGPT Prompt Generator for Jailbreaking
Prompt Genrator
Free Online ChatGPT Prompt Generator for Jailbreaking.
POE AI Prompt Generator
Prompt Genrator
Free Online Prompt Generator for POE AI.


Escape HTML Online
String Escaper
Escapes HTML characters from HTML text.
Unescape HTML
String Escaper
Unescapes HTML characters from HTML text.


Camel Case Converter
Case Converter
Quick and easy Camel Case conversion.
Constant Case Converter
Case Converter
Quick and easy Constant Case conversion.
Dot Case Converter
Case Converter
Effortlessly convert your text to and from dot case.
Snake Case Converter
Case Converter
Easily convert your text to snake case.
Color Code Format Converter
Color Converter
View a color’s hexadecimal, RGB, HSL, or other values.
JSON to Table Converter
JSON Converter
Easily Convert JSON Data into a Readable Table Format.
CSV to Chart
CSV Converter
Convert your CSV into Chart and Download it as an Image.
XML to Chart
XML Converter
Convert your XML into Chart and Download it as an Image.
CSV to Insert SQL
CSV Converter
Convert a CSV file to Insert SQL Statements online.


Image to Base64 Encoder
Easily Encode Images to Base64 with Our Online Encoder Tool.

String Utilities

Straight Quotes to Curly Quotes
Convert Straight Quotes with the Proper Typographical Curly Quotes.
Find and Replace
Find and replace text online.
Text to List Converter
Split Text into New Lines by a Delimiter.
LinkedIn Text Formatter
Social Media
Enhance the Appearance of Your LinkedIn Posts.
Instagram Text Formatter
Social Media
Make Text Bold, Italics, Underline for Instagram.
Bold Text Generator for Free Fire
Social Media
Generate bold text for your Free Fire in-game name.
Bold Text Generator
Social Media
Effortlessly Generate Bold Unicode Text for Copy and Paste.
Find and Bold Text
Social Media
Find and Bold Specific Text Online.
Facebook Bold Text Generator
Social Media
Tool for Making Your Facebook Posts Stand Out.
Add Prefix or Suffix.
Text Utility
Add suffix or prefix to each new line.
Remove Punctuation Online.
Text Utility
Removes punctuation signs online.
Prefix & Suffix Generator Online.
Text Utility
Generate Prefix and Suffix to create new words.
Text Filter Online.
Text Utility
Highlight or Remove Text online.
Lucky Number Calculator by Name.
Lucky Number Calculator
Calculates the lucky number based on a name.
Free Online LinkedIn Post Editor.
LinkedIn Post Formatter
Format posts in a few clicks.

Screen Utilities

What is My Display Type?
Find your Computer Display Information.
QR Code Scanner
Scan QR Code Online.

More Tools

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