About Straight to Curly Quotes Converter

Welcome to our online straight-to-curly quotes converter tool!

Are you tired of manually replacing your straight quotes with the proper typographical smart quotes? Let us help you streamline the process with our easy-to-use tool. Simply copy and paste your text into the input field, and click on the “Convert” button and our tool will automatically convert all of your straight quotes to their corresponding smart quotes. No more tedious editing – let our tool do the work for you. Try it out now and see the difference for yourself!

What are Curly Quotes?

Curly quotes, also known as typographical quotes or smart quotes, are special characters used to represent quotation marks in written text. They are called “curly” because they are shaped like a curved line rather than a straight line. Curly quotes are typically used to indicate direct quotations or to set off dialogue in written text, and they are preferred over straight quotes because they are more aesthetically pleasing and can help to improve the overall readability of the text. In most fonts, the open curly quote looks like an apostrophe turned on its side, and the close curly quote looks like a mirrored version of the open quote. Curly quotes are available in most word processing software and can be easily inserted by using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts or by using the special character insertion options provided in the software.