To get the favicon of any website enter below its URL or just a domain name:

Favicon Extractor Tool

This online tool enables users to easily extract and view the favicon of any website by inputting the site’s URL. Favicons are the small icons that appear in the browser tab next to the page title, serving as a visual representation of the website. By using this tool, users can quickly retrieve these icons for various purposes, such as design inspiration, brand analysis, or simply to save a website’s icon for personal use.

How to Get Favicon from a Website URL?

  1. Input URL: Users begin by entering the complete URL of the website from which they want to retrieve the favicon.
  2. Extraction Process: Upon submitting the URL, the tool processes the request by locating the HTML source code of the given website and identifying the link to the website’s favicon.
  3. Display Favicon: The tool then displays the favicon directly on the page, allowing users to view or download the icon for their use.

This process involves understanding and parsing the website’s HTML code to find the favicon link, which can vary in location and naming conventions across different websites. The Favicon Extractor tool simplifies this process to get the favicon from any website URL.