Image Resizer Tool


Resize Images to Perfection With a Click

Is resizing a bunch of images manually making you want to pull your hair out? Image Resizer Online is here to save the day. This handy web app lets you resize photos, logos and more in bulk with just a few clicks.

Whether you need resized JPEGs for social media, smaller PNGs for a website redesign, or custom dimensions for prints, Image Resizer Online handles it all quickly and easily. Simply select up to 20 images to resize at once from your computer or device.

You can then resize by specifying exact pixel widths and heights. Or use the intuitive resize by ratio feature to maintain proportions automatically without ugly distortions. There are also presets for common sizes like thumbnail, medium and large to make quick work of batches.

Best of all, Image Resizer Online processes multiple images simultaneously using powerful cloud servers. So you aren’t left waiting around as each file renders. Just sit back and watch the magic happen at lightning speeds!

When complete, download your resized images as a convenient ZIP file optimized and ready to use wherever needed. No plugins or signups required – just drag, drop and perfectly sized images in moments!

If bulk image formatting has you vexed, let Image Resizer Online do the heavy lifting. Give it a try on your next photo project and bid resizing headaches farewell.