Easily Create QR Codes From Any Image

QR or “Quick Response” codes are a convenient way to share website links, contact info, WiFi credentials and more from your smartphone. But did you know you can also generate QR codes directly from images with Image To QR Code?

All it takes is uploading a picture file, then the generator automatically produces a QR code encoding that image as a bitmap. Now you can securely encode photos, logos or other visual content instead of just plain text URLs.

It supports major file formats like JPG, PNG and even RAW. So whether snapping a quick mobile snapshot or importing a high resolution DSLR photo, your image QR will retain excellent quality when scanned.

Best of all, generating image QR codes on this site is done completely free, with no account required. Just hit the upload button, watch it work its magic Encoding pixels into the black and white square pattern, then download your finished code as a PNG.

Options even let you add positioning marks and choose the QR color scheme – perfect for aesthetically integrating codes into designs, presentations or on-site signage more smoothly.

If you need secure, scalable imaging beyond traditional text or SMS/email links, don’t fight with complex encoding software. Let Image To QR Code do the heavy lifting with a simple drag and drop interface for all your visual QR generation needs.