Convert a new image by uploading a new one containing readable English text.

Extract Text From Images With a Click

OCR or optical character recognition is a handy technology for digitizing text within image files. But commercial OCR software can be expensive and difficult to use. That’s where Image to Text Converter comes in.

This simple web app uses advanced machine learning to instantly recognize and extract text found in images and photos. Just select or drag-and-drop any file containing readable text like documents, receipts, whiteboards or printed pages. Within seconds, the text will be detected and outputted below in an editable format.

Some key benefits of using Image to Text Converter include:

  • Free to use with no account required – great for occasional personal or small business needs
  • Support for common image file formats like JPG, PNG, PDF and others
  • Accurately recognizes both printed and handwritten text in many languages like English, Spanish, French, Chinese
  • High recognition rates even on lower quality or complex background images
  • Easy copy-paste text directly into other apps or documents for storage, sharing or modifying

Rather than wasting time manually retyping text from scratch or paying expensive OCR software licenses, let Image to Text Converter digitize images of text for you with one click. It’s a major time-saver for tasks like document archiving, receipts, expense reports and more.

Give it a try on your next image containing words – you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can extract the text right before your eyes. Now you have one more tool in your digital productivity arsenal.