Shrink Your Photos For Quick Sharing

These days it seems like everything is about mobile – we browse the web and social media from small screens on the go. But big, high resolution photos can slow things down and take up valuable space on our devices. That’s where Image Compressor Lab comes in.

This handy tool lets you reduce the file sizes of your images in just a few clicks. Simply select the photos you want to shrink from your computer and Image Compressor Lab does the rest. You can preview the compressed image side by side with the original to see the quality difference.

Using advanced compression algorithms, Image Compressor Lab can significantly decrease file sizes – often by 80% or more – without destroying photo quality. That means your compressed images will load much faster when shared or viewed on a phone. And big photo libraries won’t clog up your device storage either.

Best of all, it’s completely free to use. No watermarks or restrictions on how many images you can compress. You even get to select the quality level from High to Low, balancing file size against compressionartifacts.

Easily strip excess file size from selfies, food pics, screenshots and more without tedious manual optimization. Upload hi-res shots from your DSLR and get lightweight versions optimized for social sharing with a few clicks.

If you want to speed up photo load times, maximize photo storage space or slim down your cloud backups, Image Compressor Lab makes light work of image compression. Give it a try and see just how much file weight it can strip off your pictures!