My Display Type Information

Welcome to our online display information tool! This tool is designed to provide you with detailed information about your display, including the type (retina or non-retina), resolution, aspect ratio, color depth, refresh rate, and orientation.

To use the tool, simply access the page on a device with a display and you will see the information displayed in the middle of the screen.

Display Type

The display type tells you whether your display is a retina display or not. A retina display is a high-resolution display with a pixel density so high that the human eye cannot distinguish between individual pixels.


The resolution tells you the width and height of your display in pixels. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of the display to the height of the display.

Color Depth

The color depth tells you the number of bits used to represent the color of each pixel on the screen, usually represented as the number of bits per color channel (red, green, and blue).


And the orientation tells you the current orientation of the screen, either “portrait” or “landscape”.