Messages on WhatsApp can be also formatted.

This online tool enable you to create WhatsApp link for any given mobile number and text message.

How Does WhatsApp Link Generator Work?

Using our user-friendly tool is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter your phone number: Provide the phone number you want to associate with your WhatsApp account. This ensures that anyone who clicks on the generated link will be able to contact you directly.
  2. Prefill your message (optional): Want to add a personal touch to your conversations? You can include a pre-filled message that will appear when someone opens the link. This allows you to provide context or even prompt specific talking points.
  3. Click "Generate Link": Once you've entered your phone number and optional message, click the "Generate Link" button. Voila! Your personalized WhatsApp link is ready to be shared.
  4. Spread the word: Share your generated link across your website, social media platforms, or anywhere you engage with your audience. Encourage them to click and connect with you effortlessly.